Our aim is to develop and participate in different research activities creating interfaces between academia and society, contributing for a energy sustainable future.

R&D Competencies

  • Electromechanical prototype development; ​
  • Time-to-market optimization through the use of advanced simulation and analysis, with SolidWorks, FEMM, ANSYS, MATLAB, Simulink, GAMS, EagleCAD, among others;
  • Use of technical computer language MATLAB®, for algorithms development, data analysis, graphic visualization and numerical computing;
  • Numerical simulation using model-based design techniques in MATLAB®\Simulink® environment for modelling, analysis and simulation of dynamic and integrated systems in several fields;
  • High-level programming tools as the “System Generator for DSP™” from Xilins, Inc. that enables the use of MathWorks model-based Simulink® design environment, for FPGA-based development board programming in real-time integrated hardware systems;
  • Simulation, analysis and design of electrical machines and other electromagnetic devices based on finite element method using CAD and CAE tools (e.g. FEMM, ANSYS);
  • Numerical simulation of electric power grids by the PSS/E software;
  • Resolution of optimization problems by GAMS software;
  • Design of printed circuit boards (PCB) using EagleCAD up to 4 layers;
  • Production of PCB using SMD/SMT components down to 0402 size;
  • C++ programming of ATMEL microcontrollers (Arduino and ATMEL Studio);
  • Development of forecast models for energy generation and consumption with associated uncertainty;
  • Soft computing techniques as artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic and swarm intelligence.