Effects of Broken Skirts and Pollution on Voltage Distribution for Cap and Pin Glass Insulators


Cap and Pin insulators are key elements on aerial electric power transmission lines in which their performance is subject to the environmental elements, like pollution and/or humidity. Furthermore, a broken insulator (stub) on an insulator string may change the voltage distribution along the chain. This paper goal is to study the effects of the voltage distribution along with tempered glass cap and pin insulator string in the presence of broken skirts as well contamination by pollution, using for that purpose a finite element software. This paper presents the voltage distribution profile across single and fourteen units of glass insulator string with stubs at distinct locations as well for the presence of contamination by pollution. It is concluded that the presence of pollution on a string with stubs will alter and exacerbate the increase of electrical potential effect due to the presence of stubs.


Glass insulator string; stub; voltage distribution; pollution, finite element software


C. Mateus; F. A. Barata; R. Luís,

Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa (IPL), Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL), Electrical, Energy and Automation Department (ADEEEA)

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