Hardware based demand response analysis


Smart grids studies are essential for an adequate answer development to those challenges that rising from the transition from a traditional power network to the smart grid.  It is important to analyse the renewable energies penetration impact into the power grid, or to analyse the energy balance, management considering self-production capabilities of prosumers, that may have or not, installed storage capacity. And in addition, to analyse these measures impact into consumers’ energy bill reduction. There are several incentive programs offered to the consumers, allowing the peak-shaving and flatten the load diagram, mainly using load shifting. All these programs are in demand side management scope and particularly demand response actions are the ones directly related with domestic load management that, may also contribute for a more efficient system. In this project an energy management system is developed considering a prosumer with photovoltaic renewable energy and 2 scenarios are studied allowing to compare the results considering the absence and inclusion of a storage system.  The energy management mathematical model developed allow to deliver optimal domestic load management configuration that leads to the minimum energy cost, maximizing energy bill reduction. A low-cost domestic load management interface based on Arduinos, is developed. Subject Areas: wide-bandgap power electronic converters; open-winding synchronous reluctance machine


IDI&CA 2019, funding programme of Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa. Grant: 5k EUR.

Research team

Rita Pereira1,2,*, Bruno Capitão2, João Lagarto2,3, Paulo Almeida 1,2, Pedro Fonte1,2, Ricardo Luís1,2,3

1Low Carbon Energy Conversion R&D Group, Lisboa, Portugal

2Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, Portugal

3INESC-ID: Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Lisboa, Portugal

*Researcher to whom correspondence should be addressed.

Status: Finished

Start: May/2019         End: Jul/2020

Related publications:

B. Capitão, J. Lagarto, R. Pereira, P. Almeida and P. M. Fonte, “10.1109/YEF-ECE49388.2020.9171815,” 2020 International Young Engineers Forum (YEF-ECE), Costa da Caparica, Portugal, 2020, pp. 33-37, doi: 10.1109/YEF-ECE49388.2020.9171815.